I love you.

Yes, you.

You sitting there in front of your screen, and reading this now.

Know that I love you. I love all of you.

Looking back, in retrospect, you guys have been like a family to me this past year.

My readers have shared such personal things and have had access to my life’s most vulnerable moments via the 1D fanfic I wrote for them.

I just wanted to write to you guys (and by guys I mean mostly gals … since most of you are girls :P), and I wanted to say that I appreciate each and every one of you.

Even if we don’t reach our fundraising goal to publish this fanfic, it will always be ‘published’ online in its One Direction format.

Just know that my love for you does not depend on whether you can raise money for me or not. My love for you started the moment you read the first line of my book.

Some of you guys have been able to keep up with me from the start of the story, and some I have lost touch with because of my erratic schedule.

To the people I ave lost touch with, I am sorry. It was my fault that we lost touch, but know that you are still a piece of me.

To the people I am still in touch with, thank you for making me whole and putting up with my insanity.

To the people who have read 15 Minutes but have never spoken to me, believe me when I say this: I am comforted just to know you are there. You are that silent friend who sits next to me at the best and worst times, never judging, and never hating. You are good people, and I love you for that.

The next time you don’t feel well, the next time you don’t fit in, the next friend who lies to your face, the next teacher who hits you with a splintered ruler, or the next person who has the gall to break your heart…

…take a moment to think of me and the story I wrote, and know that you are not alone.

Whether you are a fan of One Direction or just a fan of my writing, thank you.

— David

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